Our Club


The SFBMC MacDill Charter was established on January 3, 2015 by Seven retired Special Forces members. Our Mother Charter was founded on September 9, 2006 by 10 active duty members and one retired Special Forces member and is located at Fort Bragg, NC. The SFBMC has Charters at Fort Bragg, NC; Fort Campbell, KY;  Fort Lewis, WA;  Fort Carson, CO;  Duke Field, FL;  Yuma, AZ;  MacDill, FL; and  Camp Bullis, Texas.

SFBMC MacDill is a Florida based 501(C) (19) corporation.


Where We Ride


We ride all over the United States to visit our Brother Charters. We do have a 1000 mile ride requirement for both Prospects and Patches.



Mission : To provide a club for current and former members of the Special Forces Regiment, that love to ride and enjoy the company of those that ride. To provide an organization where like-minded warrior patriots can gather, express their views and opinions and enjoy each others company. To always honor our fallen brothers, their families and preserve the history of our brotherhood.

SFBMC 10th Anniversay Party

A segment of our 10th Anniversary Party at Fort Bragg